Bend Experiences

When I am asking about the sites and sounds of the city I always like to talked about my first visit to Bend…

My Journey – Bend Experiences…

bend oregon activitiesI created a Bend’s bucket list to maximize my vacation time in the city. I have also found it to be a good way to go home exhausted. I always found having a detailed itinerary helps my vacation run smoothly.


Travel Tips when traveling to Bend

backpack rentalWith my flights and hotel booked, I had to figure out how I was going to get my travel gear I needed for the trip to Oregon? Should I use an backpack or luggage? After a lot research, I realized a strong handy backpack is not cheap. A good backpack is at least a couple $$$ hundred bucks. I didn’t want to pay a lot for high-end backpack I was planning on using once in a blue moon.  I wanted all my money to be spent on cool experiences in Bend and not on silly stuff like luggage. I wanted awesome photos of my adventures in Bend.  If you have ever moved you forget how much stuff you store in your closet! After a little googling, I happened to find a service online that allowed me to rent a backpack for my trip.  All I had to do was pick a rental backpack I wanted, a period of time I needed the bag for and when to have the bag delivered. Before I forget, this company was Rentluggage. Thanks, they made it easy.

Day 1

bend oregonAfter a comfortable flight and accommodation in the BRASADA RANCH , I began my journey in search of Oregon’s famous sights of the city. I stared my day by raft the Deschutes River, then took chairlift ride up Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. The views from the mountain were so beautiful!!! If you have kids I suggested taking them along Tumalo Creek (don’t forget to pack a food).  Shelvin Park has stocked ponds so the kids can fish all day long. tour a cave with Wanderlust Tours. If you want to stick close to town look out for Bend Cycle Cab. No need to hoof it along the flat, paved path that follows the Deschutes River through the Old Mill District. I found some bonus on my itinerary to check to the restaurants along the river too!


Day 2

Oregon TravelI started my day by visting Lava Lands Visitor Center. There I found out that I could mountain ike on Bend’s many trails, or even go a horseback ride along the Tumalo Creek. The Oregon Badlands Wilderness is a great place to find good, plane, smooth trails that wander through beautiful landscapes but won’t leave you exhausted by the end.

Day 3

My itinerary started with hiking at sunrise, then mountain biking by 1pm, and then stopping by many Bend Ale Trail as possible before the breweries close for the night.


Day 4

bend oregon I stared my day by checking out the lakeside. I loved the loop around Suttle Lake! Any time of year you can hit the short trail circling Devils Lake. If you are visiting in late-Fall I would suggest checking out Cascade Lakes Highway. Both are fairly level and straight, and give you awesome views!!


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