Welcome to Bend Cycle Cab!


We help people ride bikes, or rather, take people anywhere they need on our customised bikes around London.

We have a fleet of 12 varying bikes with carriages attached. All you have to do is phone us anytime
of day and we’ll come running to grab you. Because we’re using a variation on the bike, we don’t
need to adhere to certain rules of the road and can use various different tours that you wouldn’t
otherwise get on a motorbike or taxi.
Expecting to get from one side of the city to another quickly? We’ll go right through the traffic and
avoid every bit of congestion in the city. We also can be called out if you’re looking to hire our
services for a romantic ride around any park in London or a ride by the Thames.
Take a look around out site to see what bikes we have and what we can offer you.